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Believe it or not a good majority of my work here even though is only set to 1024 x 768, are downloadable as Wallpapers to the tune of 1920 x 1080 (Widescreen). Feel free to peruse, and download if you'd like to use it as a Desktop Wallpaper. Just kindly note on your desktop screenshots that contain my work where you had obtained it. Thanks much! :)

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Infinity Belt Marble by mbaldelli
Infinity Belt Marble
JWildfire 2.56, Un-Retouched

I couldn't come up with a name for the life of me; particularly given that I had Faraday Cages and the Kuiper Belt stuck in my head. So I went with something simpler..
Mesophyll Marble by mbaldelli
Mesophyll Marble
JWildfire 2.56, Un-Retouched

While not actually green as it should be -- think of it more like a Mad Scientist attempt at hybridization.  I didn't save the parameters like I was supposed to, but sometimes that just happens.
Harlequin Marble by mbaldelli
Harlequin Marble
JWildfire 2.56, Un-Retouched

The one that I was waiting for rendering.  This is the result.
Chlorophyll Containment Marble by mbaldelli
Chlorophyll Containment Marble
JWildfire 2.56, Un-Retouched

Just a little bauble I rendered while trying to calm down the tightness I had going on within me.

Entry 09/23/2015 09:19:17 PM - Mentat 993


     As of yesterday morning I'm through with all the things that I need to order and/or replace.  The iPod was completed on Monday night (being in sometime the beginning of next week. The phone Tuesday Morning.  The retractable baton is still in the wish list until such time as I have the money to pull from a new check rather than off of the current saved funds for the replacement windows rather than out of it and then shoveling the money back into it…  Then again the other hesitation is that in carrying the weapon it opens myself up to different retaliation. Stopping by my mother's house yesterday morning (I couldn't remember whether today was included in the first of the morning walk), she tells me that my uncle's promising to buy me a Taser.  Uh, that's going to be quite a problem during my walks and especially having it on me while at work.  Hopefully the message will be received and if not, it'll be happily laid off to the side at the house.  Uh, yeah…  No I don't think so.  Lovely sentiment but I'm having problems enough with the thought of arming myself given I'm a pacifist by nature.  Even if the roughest thing out of me comes from my mouth. 

     I'm noticing as well that while the mouth is no longer bleeding and the ear isn't looking like it lost a cage match; the rest of me is still feeling sore as hell.  I think it has to deal with post adrenaline stress as the hoodlums were very specific with where they hit me…  Legs, and parts of my abdomen.  Just one of those things, I guess.  That and apparently my resting pulse is up back to the stress-time I had during the desk moves that happened a couple of months ago.  Seems like I might be going through some of post-traumatic stress of some sort or another…  Which also probably explains the weird up and down feeling I've had going on through the night (and part of the morning), today. 


     So I'm sitting here at my desk, slouching for the moment while I'm brewing my coffee (I can smell some of it through I'm upwind from the pot), watching the folk chatting on dAmn, I'm pondering whether I want to take a break for the moment to get dressed up and walk the 800 or so steps to hit my daily 10K.  I know I still have a little time…  As I should also make the bed and take a shower.  Perhaps even try cleaning myself up a bit in the shower.  Yeah, slouch day for the weekend and I'm definitely slouching. 

     I know that I have one of those reality intruding in on my dream states thanks to my wonderful pain-in-the-ass cat.  Seems that sometime during the afternoon after getting out of bed, when he came back in, he decided to knead around my buttocks.  I remember it hurting a little bit, but in all honesty I think it was just some sort of unconscious reaction to his incessant kneading at me while he was getting comfortable.  At least for the moment since getting up -- he's stopped sucking up to me and is sitting in the bed as usual.  Good thing too, given that while I love his company, he's making it a point not to sit anywhere on my lap, but instead on the back of the chair.  But then again I digress from the original points that I was making. 


     All right, so this morning as I'm getting into the shower, I come to find out that the band on my FitBit is coming apart.  Checking through the help forums, it appears that this was an issue with the earlier versions.  I was just in time to put a call into support (they close at 23:00 pacific) and after explaining the issue, was able to get a replacement given the unit is under warranty for a year (and I've only owned this for just over 3 months).  I should have that sometime at the beginning of next week. 

     Seriously, is there going to be anything else thrown in my direction when it comes to technology?  And looking at the Ephemeris for 2015 it would appear that once again, there is some sort of bad juju going on since Friday night.  Oh joy of joys there *sighs*. 


     Now where was I?  Oh yeah, showered and dressed.  Even got rid of the preamble for No-Shave November (or as most call it Movember) Chugging on the remains of my lukewarm coffee.  Puss is sucking up for some love now that I've come back to the house to top off my 10,000 steps for the day…  Just over sure, though with a quick trip around the block, I'm happy to have gotten the steps in for the day (to make up taking the day out of work Sunday night). 

     Work has been sort of all right.  The manager who's e-mails seemed to have changed approach from department first/employee health & safety second, seems a hell of a lot more sincere than the call that I mentioned in the last entry.  Though, I have to say it's confusing the wording of the correspondences.  At first she seems to be asking for the details of the assault including whether or not I filed a police report because the company's security was inquiring about it.  When I supplied all the information; the very next correspondence seems to indicate that they never asked for that information and whether or not she had permission to forward it to security.  Of course, was my response.  Anything to assist Security come up with contingency plans for that to never happen to another employee works for me. 

     One of these days I think I'm going to have to completely sequester myself and try to sort out all the confusing and conflicting things I've learned about this job and the people I work with.  There's so much that I've learned about the environment and while there's some really positive things, there's a whole lot of other things that need to be addresses and/or improved. 


     And with that, I'm done covering the rest for the moment…  Off to perhaps spend some time with the cat and ponder what I'm cooking for lunch today.  Until the next time I surface from the underground world I often live in.  

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Michael Andrew Baldelli
United States
And in case anyone wonders....

1. I drink rarely. Once a year at best.
2. I use earbuds when in video chat because they have better noise cancellation.
3. Those are the glasses that got destroyed in Entry 608.

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Sinspunkt Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Professional Writer
I love your marbles!
mbaldelli Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
:bow:  Thank you kindly for the words and the mention in your daily...  
Sinspunkt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Professional Writer
My pleasure. Your work is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Wretched--Stare Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
What is your thoughts on Black Desert MMO coming to the US…
mbaldelli Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015
it's Korean...  Seriously?  Are you going to shock the pants off of me and tell me you're into K-pop now too?  

It feels like it's jumping onto the FF train..…

Zodiacs?  Really???  Isn't that like something used from Oblivion?  

The critic doesn't remember how he got to level 13?  This isn't immersive; this is prelude to some really bad end game grind.

The player housing looks like the nightmares I walked into back when there was life in Second Life.  

And...  I gave up on the walkthrough critic when the maids look like men in French Maid Drag.  

Nope...  Not into it...  Final Fantasy VII come Second Life...  While it's good that they improved the battle system, it's just...  Eh.  
Wretched--Stare Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL it will be released in English soon, like I said before I'm not a big MMO fan.

I like co-op based RPG's that I can play alone if I want and some FPS's with that option. I know you are a MMO player so I wanted your opinion if it was worth the download. :)
mbaldelli Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015
*sighs*  Well there goes my faith in humanity (some more).  

Depends...  Would you get into it?  Probably like the reviewer, I suspect.  Would I?  Nope, too much intermingling between Second Life and Final Fantasy.  And I didn't see all that much about interaction with the player base, which is a negative in my book.  Truth be told I'm one of those crotchety sort of players where I love doing everything on my own, and am usually hesitant about cooperative with other players.  This is mostly because I tend to like to explore in the middle of a mission (like in Warframe), instead of rushing through the mission.  

The rest?  Nah...  While I miss the trolling days when I could do an STF (Elite Task Force, Star Trek Online) in nothing more than a Miranda class ship (a guaranteed player groaner),  sometimes it's just good to play nice. 
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GooglegwnSoviet Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Judging by your profile, Mr. Baldelli, your name is...Marcus Anthony. I knew it.
mbaldelli Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015
:o  but I never subscribed to Marcus Antonius' philosophy.  Try again.  
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